At Source Institute we understand that financial circumstances in life can hinder one from reaching his or her educational and career goals. For this reason, we have partnered with a private firm that will pay $6,000.00 in tuition cost for any student that completes the Extended Massage Therapy Program. This means that you will only pay $2,255.00 for the entire program. That amount does not have to be paid up front. You can make payments of $125.00 per month. There is a limited amount of seats left in this class. If you wish to attend while this offer is available, call 850 598 0738 or click here for more details.

The program works like this:

Source Institute focuses on helping each student design his or her own unique style of massage. We will teach you our unique style of massage and then we help you develop a style of massage that is your own. Each student will develop a unique style of massage and we will focus in on that style to help enhance and perfect that style so that when you graduate, your massage will be like no other. We also focus on specific medical massage geared toward treating specific injuries. Clients with pain will return for treatment if you are able to get rid of their pain. We will teach you how to get clients that will return again and again for your massage.

  • Only 8 students will be admitted into the extended massage program 
  • Each student will pay a registration fee of $150.00
  • Each student will pay a book and supply fee of $105.00
  • Tuition payments will be $125.00 per month 
  • Normal tuition cost for the extended massage program is 8,000.00
  • Upon your graduation, the private firm we are working with will pay the remainder your tuition in full
  • You will never be billed for tuition by us or any other firm or agency
  • This will be in a contractual agreement for your protection

It is our intention to provide a Massage Therapy Program that a student may not otherwise be able to pay for. If you've always wanted to pursue a career as a Massage Therapist and have not been able to do so because of financial burden, please contact us so that we can afford you that opportunity. No credit check. Once these 8 spots are full, it will be up to the director of the program to accept anymore students. If you would like to take advantage of this limited opportunity, please contact us at 850 598 0738.